At Tims with a few good friends…

Actually, it’s Colly, Reta, Coll’s bf Justin and my bf Richard… plus myself. I just finished a dark roast with two cream + three sweetner, and a boston cream donut. 😀 Justin just turned me onto the Oblongs. Here is one ep, I’m watching now…

It’s… an acquired taste. I myself love Home Movies.

I could watch HM forever. I can draw the chars. 🙂 I love the actor who plays Coach McGuirk’s voice. He plays Bob on Bob’s Burgers. 🙂 H. Jon Benjamin.

I’ve got Justin’s Xmas present in mind — this. Coll is getting $50 to do what she wants with, I’m getting this for Rich… Grandma I am getting some craft supplies bc she is the sort to like that stuff. I am just going to get Bravely Second or something like that. Or I might get a Vita.




Well… color me surprised!

Guess who is finally getting the internet at home? *jabs chest* Yupp. As soon as Dave comes with the papers to sign saying we are liable for anything we download? Bada bing! Coll says that he might come this week! So, I’m happy! I had home made veggie soup for lunch.. with bread and butter. Yummy! 😀

So, seeing as I am getting the internet at home, you will see a whole lot more of me… and I will give out my 3DS FC so, we can play. I play Pokemon Y, Moon and Ultra Sun. My name playing is Turtle bc that is my nickname. So, you can look forward to that. Right now my team on Moon is Popplio, Meowth, and Pikipek, and on Y it is Chespin, and Pansear…. I started over as you can tell… I had to soft reset a LOT of times for the Popplio because I wanted a female… I’m picky like that haha!!

Well, I’m off to find a good dictionary/thesaurus. I need one for my writings…. god I miss Strawberry and her fan fic. :,(


I’m here on a blustery Sunday…

I have had this song in my head for the past two days thanks to a duo that sang yesterday at Cafe Hesed. It’s an ok song. It’s catchy for sure. 🙂

Playing the Sims 1 which I downloaded the other day is proving to be very tedious and a bit boring. My sim is hopeless. He won’t do anything but eat and sleep. I’m disgusted with him. Slightly though… hehe… that is a guy for you of course. :p Joking aside.. it makes me wonder how people even enjoyed TS1 in the first place. Like, I enjoy TS3 but my favorite has to be TS2. I am getting TS4 for Hanukkah this year from my dear sis and her bf. I am giving her about $50 for her Xmas gift. (Coll is a Gentile) and Justin something for his computer. I need to replace my Blackberry’s cord too next month. 🙂

So much to do, so little time. Ha!

I’m at Tim’s….

I’m eating breakfast sandwiches and drinking dark roast coffee. On Halloween eve I stayed up the entire night because I was wired. Bola who is my roomie was the same way so.. we watched scary movies and chatted about different things. 🙂 I felt like a zombie the next day but wtf eh? I felt like a zombie yesterday but not today.

A thought: Why is perfume called eau de toilette? Toilet water? No. Ick.