At Tims with a few good friends…

Actually, it’s Colly, Reta, Coll’s bf Justin and my bf Richard… plus myself. I just finished a dark roast with two cream + three sweetner, and a boston cream donut. 😀 Justin just turned me onto the Oblongs. Here is one ep, I’m watching now…

It’s… an acquired taste. I myself love Home Movies.

I could watch HM forever. I can draw the chars. 🙂 I love the actor who plays Coach McGuirk’s voice. He plays Bob on Bob’s Burgers. 🙂 H. Jon Benjamin.

I’ve got Justin’s Xmas present in mind — this. Coll is getting $50 to do what she wants with, I’m getting this for Rich… Grandma I am getting some craft supplies bc she is the sort to like that stuff. I am just going to get Bravely Second or something like that. Or I might get a Vita.




I’m here on a blustery Sunday…

I have had this song in my head for the past two days thanks to a duo that sang yesterday at Cafe Hesed. It’s an ok song. It’s catchy for sure. 🙂

Playing the Sims 1 which I downloaded the other day is proving to be very tedious and a bit boring. My sim is hopeless. He won’t do anything but eat and sleep. I’m disgusted with him. Slightly though… hehe… that is a guy for you of course. :p Joking aside.. it makes me wonder how people even enjoyed TS1 in the first place. Like, I enjoy TS3 but my favorite has to be TS2. I am getting TS4 for Hanukkah this year from my dear sis and her bf. I am giving her about $50 for her Xmas gift. (Coll is a Gentile) and Justin something for his computer. I need to replace my Blackberry’s cord too next month. 🙂

So much to do, so little time. Ha!